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Bugsie Productions is proud to announce some new and exciting game options for those office parties or corporate functions.  
We have taken a spin off from the game show “Minute to Win It” and call it ‘In it to win it’.  We can do a 40-60 min show.  Showing off your employees impervious skill to games that will help them recap their inner child reflections to funny an interactive games. 
When you impress your employees and clients with fun and distinctive corporate entertainment, they will remember your event even longer. Your employees will have a closer relationship with one another and in return reward you with increased productivity and sales.
The games will consist of 4-6 people per category, resulting in a winner from each game.  The winner then moves on to the final round.  We have about six to seven games depending whether or not you put the head honcho into the final round without any of the prequalifying rounds.  This is usually a surprise to the employees.
Our shows consist of using 24 to 30 participants from the crowd.  We require at least a 15ft. by 20 square ft. area to run the games.  We will also include music from our DJ who will play up beat music to get the crowd motivated prior to the show starting.

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